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OTP Bank, Insurance and Leasing

An Intuitive Website for One of the Biggest Players in Regional Finance

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As one of the most prominent regional providers of insurance, banking and leasing services, OTP wanted a fresh look for the website of their Serbian country group, showcasing the complete range of their services and all benefits they provide to new and loyal clients.

With four target groups, it was important to speak to each one directly, helping them find their answers and specific opportunities.

Advanced Calculator for Optimal Payoff Planning

Because users care about finding the best-tailored options, we provided a tool that gives a clear insight into what they can gain.


There was a lot of content to show, and we wanted to provide visitors with easily accessible information, so it was necessary to plan a tight, flat web structure no deeper than depth 3.

We grouped information into intuitive categories, assorted them according to target groups (general population, small businesses, agricultural households) and showcased products for the general population in a mega menu with depth 2. By providing a clear overview of services and products, we gave all visitors an easy path to their desired piece of info.


Complete Account Overview

By logging into their account, users could now have full insight and control in managing all their transactions.