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Soko Štark

Interactive Website With Playful Storytelling

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Remember getting a ton of the peanut-y delights for your 10th birthday because you knew all kids loved it? You can’t go wrong with choosing Smoki—a fact that became the new brand statement.

We incorporated that freedom and playfulness into the web storytelling, based on before/after snacking situations that anyone can relate to. To make it fun and interactive for the visitor, we made the page scroll the main guide through the stories, concluding each and every one with a satisfying audio element. Of course, we’re talking about “the” crunch.


50 Years of Munching Fun

Such a fun brand can’t have a boring company history timeline, right? Smoki is a trendsetter, so we presented its 50-year long history alongside some of the biggest trends of the past 5 decades.


Achieving a 4.95% goal conversion rate and an average session duration of 24 seconds, the website's design, centered around storytelling has proven to be successful in capturing attention and prompting engagement.