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TX Group AG

Transforming TX Group's Career Websites for Success

  • Services:
  • UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Workday API Integration
  • React JS
  • Optimization
  • SEO
  • GA4
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TX Group AG, a leading media and technology enterprise from Switzerland, approached us with a unique challenge — to design and develop trilingual white-labeled career websites for the main brand and its three sub-groups: Tamedia, 20 Minuten and Goldbach

Established in the 19th century, today TX Group holds a network of more than 50 brands, has more than 80% of the population reach in Switzerland, and employs over 3000 people all across Europe. This type of client meant that our solutions had to be scalable. 

The Goal

Our mission was clear — create a simple, yet seamless user experience for career seekers across TX Group, Tamedia, 20 Minutes, and Goldbach in order to find jobs easily, and:

  • Replicate branding and corporate identity for each of the sub-groups;
  • Replace existing recruiting tool (Teamtailor) with Workday as the new career tool;
  • Provide fast and user-friendly job search functionality;
  • Enable job alert emailing service, and;
  • Deliver all this within an ambitious time-frame of just 4 months.

The Challenge

The project faced a number of challenges that we needed to solve:

  • Replacing outdated inflexible and costly-to-maintain job integration system;
  • Improving job filtering functionality on the corporate website;
  • Reducing the number of clicks required for candidates to access application forms;
  • Establishing career websites for sub-groups that lacked an online presence;
  • Adapting to changes stemming from TX Group’s rebranding process.

We took a customized approach by developing a WordPress Theme from scratch, utilizing the Gutenberg block editor for modular structuring. This allowed for seamless customization, making it easy to tailor each sub-group's website to its branding.

Multi-Brand Customization

Our job began with the design of the Goldbach single job page, incorporating data from both Workday and WordPress. Our goal was to implement all needed information on the Goldbach website and then customize UI elements for three other TX Group brands. Since one of the requests was to show each job with the logo and branding of the company it belongs to, each website pulls data for all four sub-groups.


Goldbach served as the master website, with the logic extending to the other three sub-brands. We used WordPress Theme Options to define brand-specific elements such as logos, fonts, and colors.

Job Synchronization in Real Time

Our API synchronization process is the backbone of our solution, offering recruiters and staff both auto and manual synchronization options. Automatic synchronization is scheduled through a cron job, ensuring all four career websites are consistently updated in unison, eliminating the need for manual intervention and cutting down operational costs. For each job listing on the Workday API, an equivalent post is dynamically created and instantly published across all websites, seamlessly populated with API data.

Search Functionality

One of the standout features of our solution is the seamless job search functionality. Available on the listing page, it operates by filtering keywords found within each job posting retrieved from the API. Filtering options are dynamically generated based on the specific values pulled directly from Workday. This dynamic approach ensures user-friendliness, and speed in presenting data without the need for page reloading.

Job Alert

Lastly, we introduced a Job Alert feature, allowing candidates to receive email notifications based on their specific criteria. This means that candidates are promptly alerted to new job opportunities in real-time. Through this experience, candidates stay engaged with the latest TX Group job openings without the need to revisit the website.